Influencing the next generation of City leaders. Our Leading with Integrity course is all about building ethical decision-making into your culture – attracting the best staff, investors and stakeholders to your business.

Why invest in integrity?

In a recent survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management, 77% of managers surveyed ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that the public has higher expectations of UK organisations’ ethical behaviour than prior to 2008.

City institutions – and the people who work for them – are perceived as being particularly poor in this area, resulting in less respect and significant reputational damage.


The current crisis represents an unprecedented and perhaps once-in a generation opportunity to re-lay the foundations of global fınance in order to deliver business and fınance for the common good.”

Ken Costa, former Chairman
Lazard International

Demonstrating a commitment to developing integrity within your business will deliver:

  • Effective managers and positive role models
  • Increased productivity, staff retention and team motivation
  • A culture that attracts the best talent
  • Greater trust from your customers
  • Enhanced business reputation
  • A tangible competitive edge


What does the course look like?

Leading with Integrity is a degree-level course available as a full ILM qualification or as an ILM endorsed programme, with two modules. Both options can be delivered in-house or you can book on to an open course.

Assessment for the full qualification is via a formal written assessment, or a presentation to a group of senior executives within your organisation, which is supported by a written report. For the endorsed programme, a formal presentation is all that’s required.

Course content

The course covers a range of issues, within two modules:

Becoming an effective leader: understanding leadership, including the key competencies, leadership styles, and how to evaluate your own progress.

Leading with integrity: understanding different forms of integrity, how to address ethical dilemmas, learning about economic, social and legal responsibilities and aligning them with your role and organisation.

Content includes:

  • Understanding forms of integrity required in the City
  • How to address ethical dilemmas in a City environment
  • The economic, legal and social responsibilities of ethical City leaders
  • Identifying and managing conflict between leaders
  • Assessing potential tensions between individual integrity and organisational values


How does the course integrate with what we do now?

Rules and Regulations

  • Builds on knowledge
  • Asks why these are relevant and important
  • Challenges – not just about following rules
  • Assess attitude and reactions to risk

Culture Change

  • Analyses what has changed and why
  • Reflects on leadership skills to help others – becoming a change champion
  • Challenges ability to lead others effectively and embed change

Integrity and Values

  • Evaluate own understanding
  • Considers how values can be articulated
  • What do these look like, sound like and feel like in own workplace?


  • Consider and implement behaviours that will influence motivation, results and build collaboration within team
  • 360 tool will assess and review behaviours, attitudes and areas for growth

How will it be delivered?


  • Full Qualification – can be delivered over 4 days usually split over 6 weeks or more flexible options such as 8 evenings over a 3 month period
  • Endorsed Programme – 2 day with flexible programme modules


  • Full Qualification – complete a formal written assessment of 4000 words or by a formal presentation to a group of senior executives from the organization and supported by a written report
  • Endorsed Programme – completed by formal presentation


  • In House – you choose a min cohort of 8 delivered on site or off site
  • Open Course – book an individual or up to 4 onto an open course


  • – a 360 tool developed by Crechendo to allow colleagues to Review, Assess, Track and Evaluate attitudes and progress.
  • Ongoing review – annual or set-term reviews to identify areas of strength in trust, integrity and ethical decision making

Why choose Crechendo?

Crechendo has been delivering ILM-accredited courses around the UK for many years and have a reputation for a fresh, collaborative approach that challenges attitudes and decisions within a supportive framework.

Structured, strategic and delivered by experienced facilitators many of whom have worked at the highest levels in leading financial institutions, this course understands how your organisation works, and what’s important to you. This allows us to get to the heart of the matter with relevant, focused course content and skills that can be used in the workplace straight away.

Who’s behind the course?

Commissioned by the City Values Forum and developed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, Cass Business School, the Financial Skills Partnership, the City HR Association and supported by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, this is a unique challenging course journey that will empower your people to take powerful, ethical and measurable business decisions.

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An ethical business attracts talented employees, appeals to investors and pioneers integrity in its sector. Lead the way in your organisation and enrol now.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for today. Your approach, and the supportive and encouraging environment that you’ve provided has been exceptional, thought provoking and influential.”

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